Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank You for Your Prayers

I Thank God and all of you who offered prays for me.
Yesterday I had a cystoscopy and received a clean bill of health, NO CANCER.
The next check will be a year from now and if that is clean then it will be every 2 years.
I now can concentrate on preparing for our booth at the Boston Pride Festival on June 12th.  There is printing to get done and I am also hopeful that I can get to make more visits to members of the mission now that the weather has improved and the car holds up.
I am also praying that more donations will come in to reduce the huge deficit of more than Three Thousand dollars.
Again I want to thank all who prayed the the cancer had not returned and let you know that you are all held in my prayers and thoughts daily. 
May God's infinite love and blessings fill you with comfort and peace. May you have an abundance of joy, love, peace and good will for you your family and friends.
Fr. Bob Johnnene OFD
Mission Saints Sergius & Bacchus
Franciscans of Divine Mercy
All Materials are copywriten (c) Franciscans of Divine Mercy

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